Monday, January 11, 2016

Party Time

Yes, there is a Christmas tree in the picture. Yes, I know it is January. Yes, I know you've had enough Christmas for this year.  However, I needed a layout for tonight. I didn't make a new one today. Actually, I spent much of the day on the computer and I even tried to watch a movie on TV.

Since I spent  quite a bit of time emailing with some of these girls today, I thought it appropriate to post a layout of us with a picture that was taken December 28 at Maggianos, an Italian restaurant  that we visit occasionally.  Because three of our members moved to Texas, we have only 6 living in Ohio at present. Even with the small number, we are having trouble getting together these days. Our families are demanding much of our time...of course we are quite happy that they 'need' us. We couldn't find a date in December before Christmas to get together, so we had to do it after the 25th. Even then, Robin couldn't make it.   So here we are, LouAnn, Sali, Jane, Phyllis and Paulette.

For those of you who might not know, ORU stands for Opinions R Us.  Yes, we are a fun loving, opinionated bunch. 

Now about the movie. Recently a friend lent us his collection of Star Wars movies, so that I could see the ones I've missed over the years, which is ALL of them. Well, I did go to the first one, but slept through it.  I hate to admit it, but I've watched episode numbers 1 and 2 now and have fallen asleep in both of them. When they all start fighting, I can't keep up. I don't always even know who the good guys and bad guys are.  I fell in love with Anakin in the first movie. Then tonight I fell out of love with him as an adult. Guess I'm not going to make a great fan...but I really want my small  grand-children to know that I've seen those movies and can appreciate their light sabers.

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