Saturday, January 9, 2016

On the Offense

Oliver was on the offense December 12 with a sword in both hands. I'm not sure they are both obvious. The wooden one in his left hand is not quite as spectacular as the newer light saber in his right hand.

Star Wars did it again. Everyone was buzzing about it. I had never seen one of them. Oh yes, family members had. I even went to the first one, but slept through it.

This year, our life group decided to spend a night at the movie. Some wanted to see Star Wars and others wanted to see Bridge of Spies.  I love spy movies and since I felt I should see Star Wars adventures in order, I went with the spy group, while Ron went to Star Wars.  When we gathered for dinner afterward, we had a lot to talk about.

Since that day, I have seen the first this is strange...I didn't know they were not made in order, so the one I saw was not really the first one, but chronologically it was. It was the one where  Anakin Skywalker was a little boy. I fell in love with that little fellow! But now I'm not very interested in seeing the next show, because I've been told that darling little one grows up and fathers Luke Skywalker, who goes to the dark side.

I'm defending myself against that heartbreak.

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