Saturday, January 16, 2016

CrossFit Competition

Lauren and her friend, Annie  of Kennett Square Cross Fit were competing with other Cross Fit groups  at Hardbat in Newark DE.

Here, Lauren is 'Snatching' 115 pounds! That's almost as much as she weights. I can hardly believe it.

I don't know how many teams were there that day in November, but Lauren told me they came in 6th.

While I'm very proud of her accomplishment, I'm praying she doesn't get hurt. Perhaps I should pray that she doesn't hurt anyone else.  LOL

Speaking of hurting people. There are more ways than one to bring harm to others. I remember studying history very hard in high school and college because, at that time we could see the communists planning to crush our nation. They didn't want men to be free, but for all to be under subjection to their will. The plan in place at the time was to put communists into the schools of education and journalism. They were getting away with it, even though many or us were trying hard to warn people. It was then as it is now. Many people would rather put their heads in the sand and pretend everything was all right, even rosy.

Naturally with all that naivete, those professors discipled many students in the way of communism, socialism.  And now we are reaping all that and much more. Their plan has gone on to higher aspirations and much rougher planning, until now we have a president who acts like a dictator.

I continue to study, even though it is not the most pleasant thing I do, hoping and praying that people wake up and choose freedom over PC regulations. While it is close to being over, I believe that with God's help this country can be turned around and we can be a free nation once again, where we can grow and prosper and give our kids the chance to do the same.

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