Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Coloring is the Rage

Coloring is no longer for kids. A new rage is adult coloring books. It is the hottest new trend in publishing. The market seems to be flooded with these books. Supposedly this undemanding hobby with it's therapeutic potential to reduce anxiety, calms one's spirit.

I'm not sure it would work the same for me. The pages I've seen are generally very intricate patterns, as in this book below, which would bring out the perfectionist in me...and that is quite stressful. 

The idea, however, is that concentration of focus pushes other troublesome thoughts out of one's mind. And that probably explains why it is so popular these days. The world is a troublesome place, more so than I was younger. I can understand the 'need' for the comfort this 'fad' delivers.

One of our daughter's enjoys coloring.  I suppose each person has her or maybe his own reason for enjoying this phenomenon. 

That said, this trend has inspired me to do the page above. With Photoshop and Photoshop Elements, it is possible to turn a photograph like this one of Oliver into a 'pencil' sketch. So I thought I would try it for this layout. It was fun.  

And yes, I could have cleaned up his face in the drawing and also in the original picture, but I love that little face just the way it is.

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