Monday, March 7, 2016

Slippers and Boots

Another day at the farm, another day with their beloved chickens. This hen is one of Caleb's favorites. Her name is Slippers because she has feathers on her feet. Oliver is feeding her from a cup while Caleb holds her.  While the soft feathered chicken had slippers, it was January 21 and the boys had to wear boots in the snow.

I am so grateful that Caleb and his little brother, Oliver, enjoy their farm class. They are learning so  much and love everything they do there.

Sorry  that the typing is centered here, instead of lining up with the left edge of the page. This site does have a tool to choose the alignment, but it isn't working tonight for some reason. And of course, the layout, which I want centered is on the left. Oh well, it isn't a big deal. Not worth complaining about, but I am glad that there is a place to complain if need be.

Good night. Sleep tight... and remember God loves you.

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