Saturday, March 12, 2016

Every One is Gifted

Ashley and Mason will finish up their home schooling this year and in the fall will go public, public school that is. They have been accepted into NSA, Nashville School of the Arts. Ashley is the artist and Mason sings. *As a matter of fact Ashley is the one who applied for acceptance into the school. Mason did not, but the choir director there had heard of him and requested that he audition. Audition he did and it was a go. So the sister and brother will travel together through high school. 

However, Aussie has quite different interests, i.e. Chinese and Rubik's Cubes. So he is still researching and hoping to be accepted into a school that will suit his skills.

I pray that they will continue to make good choices in everything, friends and activities,  so that they can avoid the pitfalls of life. 

We are so proud of them. We love all three tremendously.

* I've been corrected.  These two sentences above are not correct. Here is the real story:
Greg, Mason's dad, had applied for Mason's admittance to NSA as a second choice, but had not told his son. When Mason found out, he was not happy about it and did not show up for the first audition. However, the choir director was still looking for students after the first audition, so he asked for Mason to audition. At that time, Mason decided overnight that it might be a good idea. So he learned the song. He went to the audition the next day and  truly impressed the director. 

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  1. I've been meaning to comment on this for some time. I love the story you told but it is not correct. Greg had put Mason's name down for this school as a second choice without letting Mason know. When he found out he was upset that Greg did that, so he decided not to show up for the first audition. The choir director was still looking for people after the first audition and he reached out to those who didn't show up at the first audition. Mason decided overnight that it might be a good idea and learned the song and went in and auditioned the next day and blew him away.