Wednesday, March 16, 2016

God Had a Different Plan

Julia was born at 6:00 AM this morning at home.  Mommy and Daddy were getting ready to go to the hospital. The birth was going to be induced. While Daddy was getting the boys ready to go, Beth called him from the bathroom. (Sorry about this picture, but this is too good to go untold.) She said, 
"I feel her head". John called 911 and went to help. Beth said,"Don't pick me up." So he told her to lean back and that she did. Within 4 minutes, Julia was born. John said he just had to catch her.

The emergency teams got there in multiples. All were amazed. John found a clean shoelace to tightly tie the cord and EMS cut it. Beth walked to the ambulance carrying the baby.

John cleaned the toilet with wet wipes, put the boys in the car and followed the ambulance in his car.
The nurses fed the boys cereal.

Everyone and everything is fine.

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