Monday, March 28, 2016

Hostess Extraordinaire

We are blessed to have such gracious friends. Phyllis asked us to celebrate Easter with them on Sunday. We were very happy to do that. Not only are Phyllis and Ron extremely good company, but SHE CAN COOK! The dinner was exceptional. I had never eaten rack of lamb. It was quite a treat. Everything on the table was yummy. Of course Ron and I ate more than we should have, but who could have helped it?  Then, there was more. She had created this beautiful rabbit cake with fresh coconut 'icing'. WOW.  

I had forgotten to mention her son, Evan and her grandson, Austin were there for dinner as well. Austin is a real cutey and he was dressed in an Easter colored plaid shirt, tie and a dress jacket. And he 'helped' us with the dishes.

Ron and Ron (as we always say...Two Rons don't make a right.) never left the table. They were so deep in conversation that I doubt they even knew we had gone to the kitchen. 

After things were cleaned up, Phyllis, who had worked for HOURS had to sit down and elevate her feet. That gave us a chance to see Doc Martin. 

I had watched Doc the first two years it was on, but had left when I was shocked by one of the episodes. It didn't have anything to do with the doctor. Anyway, I loved  this show and will be watching the rest of it this year. 

Thanks, Phyllis for the great dinner and for getting me back with the doc.

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