Friday, March 25, 2016

Snow in Nashville

It is not often that Nashville would see this much snow. As a matter of fact, the four years I was in college there, we didn't see that much all together...not even near.

There seems to be more these days, but it still isn't much. Now Nashville has pushed way passed this type of weather, but our son's family is still dealing with snow in Colorado, where show comes often and has a long season. They had over a foot just this week.

Meanwhile, here in Ohio we went from 72 degrees yesterday down to 30 now.

The good thing to know is, man is not in control, God is. It is His world and His system and we don't have to worry about 'fixing' it. Weather has always changed as long as we have been able to keep records.

If by any chance,  wind blew everything off the earth, it would be because God wanted that to happen.

Actually, that won't happen. God has already divulged his plan for the end of earth. He spoke it after the flood that destroyed all but Noah's family. It will be fire next time. You can count on it. 

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