Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A Happy Heart

Even  though I haven't completed this layout, it is here on the blog tonight, because it is the only one I took time to do today...I want to share these pictures that were taken in the back yard of her grandmother's house. I'll finish it later.

The little cheerleader outfit is really cute and descriptive of this happy little girl. Yes she could look a little more happy in the pictures. I'm not sure, but maybe it was taken on a busy day, that wore her down a bit. We all have those days.  This is my third this week. And it doesn't look as though it will be any more restful any day yet to come this week.

I pray that those in authority, in this area at least,  will keep our restrooms safe, especially for little tykes like Ava. If you don't know about this controversy, make sure you inform yourself and stand up to those who want to tell us we don't have a right to separate restrooms.

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