Friday, April 29, 2016

Doubly Beautiful

Yes, it was a mistake to post the same picture twice, but she is just too cute. You can't see her too much. So, get a good look at Ava. Both layouts are staying. I'm at a loss to say more right now. I don't see her enough.

These pictures were taken at her grandmother, Bonnie's house.

Now for an opinion. I've been in the pits about the election, more so even this last month. I feel like I'd just like to do what way too many people have done, that is  to just zone out and ignore the whole thing. BUT, we just can't do that. It is critical that we choose a president this time who loves our country and is willing to step up and do what it takes to bring our country  out of dire debt and free small businesses to grow and hire more people. That is not Donald Trump. He is upset with the status  quo, but I'm not sure he can handle the job. Although, I will vote for him, if he is the choice others make.

I like Cruz. He and Carly Fiorina make up the perfect pair to bring us back to work. I understood  them when they were on Hannity's show tonight. He makes sense. It won't do any good to pay the entire cost of college tuition and end up with millions of graduates who can't get jobs because there aren't any. We need to concentrate on making sure there are jobs available for all our graduates. You can't make me believe that all these 'kids'  want to live in mama's basement, when they could make a good life on their own in a good economy. And besides, even mom and dad will go broke as the taxes get higher and higher and people are pushed out of the job market before it is time to retire.

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