Saturday, April 16, 2016

River Boys and More

Here is another layout of the boys on their last hike by the river.

Their little sister, our newest grand baby is one month old TODAY and we have not yet held her. It won't be long though. I'm counting down the days.  Can't wait to see the boys as well. Now, if only we had settled our dog sitting problem.

We had our Ladies' Retreat for church this weekend. The weather was fantastic, which was especially nice since it has been so cold/ snowy/rainy recently.

I'm the one who had always taken pictures, but thankfully some of the younger ladies are much more proficient than I. I didn't take a single picture this past two days. No one seemed to be taking them, at least I didn't notice any cameras or pointing telephones. But the cool thing is, at the end one of the photographer ladies took several group shots. I'm anxious to get a copy, so that I can make a layout to remember this great retreat. It was held at our church instead of the National Park where it has been held for many years. I was disappointed when the  decision was made to do it in our building; but, I have to say it worked out really well. It was memorable and much less expensive.  I actually enjoyed the meals much better than what we had had before. Or course, that is just my opinion; but, isn't  that what this blog is all about?

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