Saturday, April 2, 2016

Born at Dawn

Can't believe I hadn't published these pictures of the proud Daddy. It been been 17 days already, since Julia's birth on the 16th of March. And Daddy played a very important  role. It was into his hands that she was born at dawn, not willing to wait until they could get to the hospital.

 I think she will be a mover and a shaker. 

I glanced through google tonight and found this poem that I really like. Again, it is not my own. However I can't give credit to the author, because it wasn't  given on-line.

Dear God,
Bless this little girl
Guide her with your light
fill her life with joy and love
And make her future bright.

Nurture her and comfort her
Protect her day and night.
Hold her close at heart
And keep her always in your sight.

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