Thursday, April 7, 2016

New Tot Discovery Center

These pictures were taken March 1 of this year. Oliver was checking out the new tot center at the Ft Collins, CO Discovery Museum. I can't imagine getting any better pictures anywhere else. These are just delightful.

This has nothing to do with these pictures, but I just thought about this today and want to pass it on in case it might mean something to you as well.

God's second commandment is to love our neighbors as ourselves.   If you do love others as yourself, then when they get something very good, as a new house, car or have a vacation someplace really nice, then you would be very happy for you would be if it were you getting the goodies.

That rules out envy and jealousy. And doesn't love feel better than envy or jealousy? Sure does. When God gave us the commandments, they were for our own good. He/she who obeys God will lead a much easier, peaceful of contentment.

God bless you all..

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