Thursday, April 28, 2016

Father and Daughter

Once in a while, I misplace some pictures. Thankfully, most of the time, they show up later. However, sometimes, they show up after I've made the book in which they should have been. That is the case with these two of Greg and Ashley that were taken in December last year. They were much too good to skip, so here they are.

I used a new method, which I truly like,  for the black and white, where I worked with gradients instead of the artist filters. I know, that probably makes no sense to most of you. Just saying...

Well, a comment off the subject, but very much on my mind today. Several of us ladies' were discussing it at lunch and we are  all quite upset by it.

In some areas of the country people, who are extremely easy to take offense, have been crying that they don't feel comfortable going into restrooms (and even locker rooms) which match their God given sex. They prefer to assume there was a mistake and they are the wrong sex, so they have decided to make a change. That's ok with us. It is their lives and this is a free country. However, this less than 1% of the country wants to push it in our faces...literally. Now as much as it frightens us ladies to have persons with male equipment in our restrooms, it is ever worse to think that men will use this permissiveness to enter our private spaces with recording equipment...which has been done, or even worse, to attack us or our children, when we are vulnerable.

Now, imagine locker rooms. Well perhaps you had better not. It is preposterous to think anyone would be so dense as to think we should have to endure their folly.

Sure do all that you want, but keep it to yourself. Keep it out of our faces and those of our children.

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