Sunday, April 24, 2016

Not Your Usual Easter Pictures

This past Easter was a little different this year. It was special for Caleb and Oliver because their cousins were here from Ohio. It was also just 20 days after the birth of their little sister, Julia...who didn't get any eggs from what I know... They did their egg hunt in the back yard with Mommy and Aunt Sara watching.

If you've forgotten why we celebrate Easter, it is to acknowledge that Christ  Jesus the Lord died, was buried and rose again from the grave to life, so that we too can look forward to an eternal life with him, if we accept him as our savior and lead a life that proves our faith. That does not mean we will never be sinless, because he one is. We all sin and fault short of what we should do, but if we love God and His son and attempt to live as Jesus did, loving other people as we love ourselves, our Lord will forgive us when we fail him.

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