Sunday, December 25, 2016

Grandchildren and Disney

Disney is certainly a Magic Land. Caleb, Oliver and Julia spent several days there in November and there are lots of pictures to show for it. This is the first layout I've done. I love this idea of Tinkerbell dancing in one's hand. I haven't yet figured out how it is done. I forgot to ask Caleb if he actually saw it there. I'm assuming now that it is photoshopped, since that's the only thing I can understand.
I will put it on a list of things to ask. It seems like when we talk, there is just too much to cover and not enough time. I know it is hard to sit still long at their ages and it is hard to think at my age.

I've made a correction to the dates above. Thankfully a friend called my attention to my mistake. The date on the layout didn't match the date in this text. Sorrowful thing is, both dates were wrong. Thank you, Gail, for proof reading.

Well Christmas has come and gone and we did it!  Now, hopefully there will be a little lull, where we can catch our breath and relax a bit...I did say isn't really likely. We manage to keep ourselves very busy from day to day.

I've gotten out of the habit of cooking, since I have been eating mostly fresh fruits and vegetables with a little chicken for some time now. During the holiday, I've been off that; but we have eaten out or take out food quite a bit.  I'll be starting back on that diet in the new year.

When I do need to cook, it is hard for me to get ideas of what to cook and to gather up all the ingredients I need. It also takes me longer to prepare things I've made in the a matter of fact, it takes me longer to do just about everything I do. What is with that?

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