Friday, December 16, 2016


Lauren is our Cross Fit Queen. She has work out fever, if there is such a thing. As she says herself, “I coach almost every morning, go to work, workout, then coach again at night a few times a week. I'd rather be busy than lazy! ”

She gets that drive honestly from both sides of her family, I believe. She truly is a worker. How could she be anything else?  

We are proud of her.

It is sad that we don't see enough of that spirit in the world today. 

I'm hoping to see more opportunities for work to pop up this next year. That should give many of the younger people who have not been able to find jobs, the chance to get meaningful employment and thus meaning in their lives. Maybe there won't be so many basement dwellers, couch potatoes, etc. Hopefully, they can feel good about their own productivity and support themselves.

Looking forward to some better times in 2017.

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