Friday, December 30, 2016

Our Little Penguin

At story time, Oliver was given shiny orange feet and a matching beak.  We didn't know which book they read, but we did know it was about penguins; so I did some research. Above were the books I thought could be the one.  I circled, The Playful Penguins, the one I think is most likely.  OK, what  do you think?  I guess the only way I would know almost certainly would be to get a few at a time and read them to him.  Do you think a child almost three would be able to remember if I found the right one? I'm thinking that he could, especially if he had seen the pictures.  In any case, isn't he really cute?

It has been a very different, but relaxing, last week of the year.  Neither of us has done a whole lot.
I have, however finished a book for publication. I'm pretty happy about that. The new book covers from the last week in July, through the third week in November.  So the next one will start with Thanksgiving.

Just in case I'm unable for any reason to post a layout tomorrow night, Happy New Year!

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