Saturday, December 17, 2016

It's a Good Life

It is raining pretty hard  in Ohio right now...mild December weather for around here. However, it is just passing through. Yesterday, we had a low of 5.1 and tomorrow a low of 7 has been forecast.
It won't be long at all until the rain turns to icy rain. It could be treacherous. So, what am I doing, layouts from fall, with the beautiful colors it brings.

ORU made a trip to the Pine Tree Barn near Wooster for lunch and a little shopping the last day of October. It was nice to be together and of course, we made it a point to get pictures.

It is wonderful to live in OH, because there is always someone around who is very happy to snap a picture. I'd like to post an appreciative note to all of you out there, with your smiles and beautiful attitudes who oblige the requests of people like us, who like to have pictures to remind themselves of all the fun things they do together. Thank you!

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