Friday, January 6, 2017

Busy Lives

April and her husband Tim were here for Thanksgiving; even though their lives are extremely busy right now.  Between things being up in the air and moves and building and remodeling and multiple jobs, etc, they still made time to see us. We really do appreciate it.

Families are important and we have a large one. We had a quiver full, one might say.  But they are scattered over the US from one end to the other. With families of their own, it isn't easy to travel.
We are proud of them all, but do miss seeing them often.  

I admit I feel a little jealousy, when I hear of others who see their children often, even though they are many miles away. I do fight that feeling, but it comes back now and then. And, I am always thankful for FaceTime, which is a new technology that our parents didn't have when we moved away from them.

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