Thursday, January 26, 2017

That Smile

It (Walt Disney) all started with a mouse...Mickey, that is; but it's developed into much, much more over the years. I'm not sure when Pooh Bear came into the picture, but he is a well loved character.
I love these pictures of Caleb at Pooh's place.  He is posing at the door of Mr Sanders.  

Look at Caleb's smile. Isn't it heart warming? He has always been a smiler, a tradition passed down four generations starting with his great grandmother, then me, then his dad. I LOVE that smile.

Yet recently I've noticed him being more serious, less enthusiastic. He seems less happy. I hope that is not the case, and that perhaps it is just a stage. I surely hope that broad smile returns soon, like in these pictures.

After all there is more reason for pleasant faces now that we have a new administration that will work hard to remove the tax burden that has been piling up on our young children the last eight years.

Please pray for our nation. Pray that common decency takes hold and people grow up and quit behaving like savages. Please pray they come to understand they are hurting everyone and not helping anyone at all.  

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