Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Jedi Training Academy

At the Jedi Training Academy, Caleb learns the dangers of lightsabers and how to use them correctly.

I suspect Luke Skywalker was not teaching this class. If he were, this  is what he would have said,
"These weapons are not playthings. A lightsaber is a dangerous and destructive instrument, a powerful blade that can strike down an opponent—or a friend, if you're not careful."

When his instruction was complete, the audience got to see him duel.

We have quite a duel  going on in Washington. With every strike of Trump's pen, the media and stars strike back. It has become old already to see these people adamant about discrediting our president.

They all want him to fail and a lot of them want him  to die.  At least one person has said that bad mouthing the president and trying to make him fail is pretty much like getting on an airplane, and hoping the pilot crashes the plane.

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