Sunday, May 2, 2010


This waterfall on Kauai is not easily assessable, if at all. Several have died trying. One must view it from an overlook on Kuamo'o Road. It is a 150 foot fall, but you can't see all of it from this point. It is quite impressive anyway from this perspective.

If anyone missed me last night. I am sorry. I was throwing a fit with my 'still new' computer!
My techie husband had already gone to bed. It wasn't even midnight yet. He isn't the night owl I am. And I'm not the techie he is. I'm probably at the other end of the spectrum. (I'm getting colorful now.) If my Apple doesn't do what I want it to do when I want it to, I freak out.

Now people don't make me angry. I usually can find some way to make excuses for their bad behavior, or ignorance in some cases. But things can really rile me...sewing machines and computers being the two best examples. They both hate me.

If it is 11:50 PM and my deadline for getting a blog published with that date is 10 minutes away and my photo resizer fails, or bridge takes a dive, I'm 'fit to be tied' as my dad would have said.

For a short bit of time, I would not be able to put it into perspective. Now, the next day after the last explosion, I can think clearly. I know this computer is nothing to worry about, unlike the mess we have created in our government which is grabbing power day by day and hour by hour, minute to minute as I type. We have primaries coming up here soon and we need to really examine each person running, no matter what party they are in or whom they say supports them. Study like you were taking as exam. It is even more important. And show up at the polls.

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