Thursday, May 20, 2010

Remembering: Kauai Caves

These are the caves I remember so well from our trip to Hawaii in '84. I really wanted to drive up to the end of the road on the northern most tip of the island of Kauai this year. We made it, but it was getting dark at the time and we were rushed for time. If you read the crude sign posted near the parking lot, you will get a feel of the area. It is pretty well primitive. Sure the sign is in English, but , well you know...

The caves seem somewhat different from what I remember. Ron says I'm wrong. I don't have pictures from the last time we were there, or at least haven't found them. It seems to me that there was no road between the ocean and the caves like there is now. I wouldn't be surprised if in those 26 years they may have extended the road a bit. Perhaps there is some way I can find out about that...when I take the time. Until then, I just will have to doubt my memory, while still seeing in my mind how very beautiful it was to look out over the beach from the caves.

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