Monday, January 9, 2012

Just a Unit

In less than 1.5 years I'll become just a unit. I'd rather be a cat in the care of a loving 'master'.

When I am a Unit (party speak for useless),  I will no longer have to make health decisions, they will be made on my behalf. If at that time, I need emergency care, it will be taken before the board for approval.  

I could embark on a plan now to become utterly useful to mankind, but even if I did, I'm sure that being a Republican voter would make me dispensable. 

For those of you who remember in the Jimmy Carter days standing in long lines to buy gasoline on even or odd days, you know about rationing.  You know when you ran out of gas on the wrong day it was tough luck.  You went without. You also know the overwhelming vote that got  rid of that administration.

This time it is much more important that is our lives.  Don't get tired yet. Keep alert. Vote for less government.  Vote GOP.

This is a good reason to fast and pray.

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