Monday, January 16, 2012

Drink, Steal, Swear and Lie

First and separate from the text below, is my layout of our daughter April and her husband Tim, who go to a lot of trouble to make it home to Ohio for Christmas. We appreciate so much not having to spend that day alone, but having great company.  We certainly can not expect everyone to travel and be away from their own home at that special time of year.

This year April brought her new toy, the I Pad Tim gave her. It will make viewing pictures of the grand babies much more enjoyable. I imagine she will learn quickly all she can do with it.  It's a wonderful gift.

This was emailed to me today. In my opinion, it is good advice. Drink, Steal, Swear and Lie...

1. Drink from the 'everlasting cup" every day.
2. Steal a moment to help someone that is in worse shape that you are.
3. Swear that you will be a better person today than yesterday.
4. And Last, but not least,when you lie down at night
    Thank God you live in America and have freedom.

Thank God that in America we still have free elections. Pray that God helps us keep that privilege.  Study the choices and be ready to vote in November. When I say 'study', I mean listen to beth sides. Read your newspapers to see what the left is saying, then check out Fox News. (They report. You decide.) Know what everyone is saying...not just the propaganda that is fed you.  And most of all THINK for yourself.

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