Thursday, June 27, 2013


Not all boys love dirt, at least one of them doesn't like it...not all the time anyway.

Thinking back to when Caleb's daddy was a boy, he did't like dirt. He really didn't like dirt.  But that could be because his dad was exceedingly busy with work and his mother was very anti dirt. He didn't like bugs and worms...or snakes as he called one the first time it saw it.  The only snakes he had seen were in a book and he had no way to compare it's size.

 It's a little like me an penguins. I had only seen them in picture books, on ice with snow in the background; so I really had no idea about their size until I saw some in person at SeaWorld at Geauga Lake Park in Aurora, Ohio.  I was almost 40, had taught first grade and still didn't know that penguins were little critters.

Back to dirt... It is a dirty shame that our country is being dismantled as I act after another will render us helpless against tyrannical rule.

There is one thing that can save us...well there is one power than can save the USA from becoming extinct. That is God. He will save us...if we turn from our wicked ways. However, I can't see that happening as long as we continue to watch the trash that is on TV day after day. We need to pull ourselves away from those addicting programs and start helping others. We can help them understand love by helping them learn to earn a living in a legal respectable way.

I hope that tomorrow, I don't look back at this and wonder how I could misspell words and use incorrect grammar. I'll not remember how very tired I am right now.  This puppy is wearing me out...but I love every minute of her.

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