Monday, May 19, 2014

First Easter Basket

Oliver's eyes nearly popped out when he saw his Easter Basket. The first thing to go into his mouth was a appropriate for a fellow  four months out of the womb and big time into teething.

While Oliver is reaching for tethers, we are yearning for a good cut of beef.

I remember  when George Bush was president and the liberals were accusing that loving man of wanting seniors to eat  dog food. Well I went to the grocery store today. Ron said he would like to grill steaks tonight. The closest I got to buying good steaks was  when I took pictures of the prices.

Then I left Giant Eagle empty handed. This store chain came to our area and is driving up the prices, even higher than the other stores must in order to stay in business in this economy. 

This part of Ohio had been one of the very cheapest places to eat well in the nation.  

I went  to a nice store down the street from me and bought one thin Delmonico steak and shared it with Ron.  The price was still high, even though it was a special price for those who shop at Buhlers. 

If our president and his Democratic congress don't change their ways, we will be fortunate if we are able to afford dog food by the end of his term in office. 

Of course those liberals are still playing the blame game. They are saying that the crops were bad, etc. and that is the reason for the high prices. The sad thing is there are so many uneducated and under educated people who fall for their games.  Oh, and I forgot to add those who have degrees and should know better, but have been indoctrinated.

Only God can save us now.

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