Sunday, May 18, 2014

FoCo Bike Challenge

Caleb's Bike Races have started up again and he is very happy about it. As you can see, he is number 256. He seems so small with all the other children. There is a wide age span. But he doesn't seem to care.
In case you might wonder. FoCo stands for Fort Collins. 

I have missed posting quite a few days  already this month. Not sure why except for the last three. We went to Cleveland to see Jersey Boys on Thursday evening. The play was quite entertaining, but even more memorable was the way Cleveland had blossomed since we had been there the last time.  In front of Playhouse Square is a huge chandelier at the intersection. It was quite impressive over night. I would like  to make a layout one of these days, so I won't show you pictures. It was quite pretty. 

Friday and Saturday I was in the hospital due to a stress test I should not have had, which shocked my heart so that is started beating over 200 times a minute. I certainly don't want anything like that to happen to me again. I was kept overnight at the hospital just in case.  It doesn make me feel better though to know that my heart could survive that with no noticeable damage...what little they saw in the blood dissipated over night and left me fine.

I walked into the hospital healthy, yet could have easily died there. Makes one think. Better to be ready for that  day...ready  to go to the Savior...just in case.

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