Sunday, May 11, 2014

Old pictures...

My cousin no longer had pictures of her mother and asked if I did. So the night before last and yesterday I searched through some of my mother's old photos to find pictures of my aunt. I was happy to find a few for her and told her I would continue looking.

While on that quest, I found a picture I do not remember ever having seen before. I am thankful that someone had labeled it on the back; for I would not have known who these two people were.

We have a little towheaded grandson, Caleb, whom you have seen here,. If you've been here long at all, you probably know him well.  Because of him, I looked carefully at this long neglected photo. I copied it and enlarged it in Photoshop, so I could see if the little one looked like Caleb. He did somewhat, but not that much. But then we noticed that the older fellow looked very, very much like our son John.

I was reminded of a picture of John taken this December and examined the likeness. It almost looked like John had seen this picture and was trying to look like this man.

By the way. The little boy in the picture was my father, the man, my grandfather. The picture was taken in 1920. If you look closely, you can see they were out on the range and behind them to your right was a cowboy on his horse.  That is a real cowboy. They were Texans.

Reminds me of the good old westerns we watched when I was a girl.  Whatever happened to good, clean entertainment?

In Friday's blog I wrote about  the movies available to see today. I mentioned that I cannot watch them. The plan is to desensitize us, which is one step closer to bringing Satan up close and personal into our lives.

The next day, I read about a new movie that has been made for people like me...AH, I'm not alone. The movie is called Mom's Night Out.  You can watch the trailer here. I can hardly wait to see it.

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