Saturday, May 10, 2014

Future President

This shirt tickles me. I haven't asked where he got it, but I do remember saying that his daddy should be president.  

Let's see, the year should be 2045  when he is elected. You see, I go straight from wearing the shirt to being elected. Forget about the run.. He won't need to do that. He'll be so cute...will he still be at 35?
Anyway, I would expect he'd be elected just on his platform alone. Back to the Land. 

He sure enjoys his time on the farm. He loves animals and he is not afraid to dig in and get dirty. He'll get the job done.

Think I'll show you more reasons that I'm super glad to be  a grandmother today.  Our granddaughter, Leah is in a her parents are not like it says, but I like it anyway. You can see it here.

Aussie got his best time yet solving the 6x6x6!

I could go on and on. I don't mean to leave anyone out tonight, but I'll have to brag on the rest another night. They are all very special to me.

Happy Mother's Day to all, especially the ones who are responsible for my grandchildren.

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