Wednesday, May 21, 2014

National Prayer Breakfast

Here is our granddaughter, Lauren with a couple of friends after the Stateline Loop 5k in her home state of Pennsylvania.  

She puts her all into her endeavors.  A top student, she finished college in less than 4 full years. Healthcare was her chosen field.  At one time we thought she may become a doctor. I'm telling you that just so I can introduce to you Dr Ben Carson, a retired neurosurgeon.

Are you familiar with the National Prayer Breakfast?  Well this gentleman,  Dr. Ben Carson, spoke there in February of this year. Since then I've learned a lot about this man. I would be happy to vote for him, if he were to run for president.

I've learned there is a movement to draft him.  I'm sure I will be posting more about him, but for  right now, I'd like you to listen to him at the National Prayer Breakfast. here

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