Thursday, November 10, 2016

A Bug's Life

I remember at the time not making a layout with this picture of Oliver at the park because one couldn't really tell who it was in the picture. But every time I came across it, it became more and more delightful for me. I decided it doesn't matter, Oliver will want to remember this day...he was sooooo cute! And besides it makes such an appealing page.

I'm slowly coming down from my high over the election.  It has been sad to think that so many of our younger people are so distraught about it. They can hardly keep from crying and many do. It is so foreign for me to see those who cannot accept the results, thinking  that you win some and you lose some. That is what a free society is all about. No government is telling you what you must do at all times. They somehow believe that everyone must be a robot and think alike.

What is worse is that they have been taught  that in school. It has actually been called group think in some of the older books that I was encouraged to read even before I was of voting age. It was called communism at that time, but communism was not what it was. It was actually socialism, which is not a good thing in any way. Yet they have been taught in our schools that it was ideal by teachers who were indoctrinated by 'communist' professors in the colleges. That was happening when I was in college. But it became the norm in later years. Now, it may be difficult to find a non-socialist in any college of education or journalism.  So, children of all ages are being subjected to these untruths taught by their socialist teachers. Their history books, which they really don't have  time for anyway have been diluted, with 'facts' changed to support their socialist agenda.

I just pray that they can grow up before they hurt themselves.

If they had any idea what it is like to have a vibrant economy and borders, they would be exuberant about the election. Hopefully, they will soon come around and be able to enjoy their new freedom , instead of moping about sitting at home with a computer collecting unemployment. Then they will be able  to feel good about their country and themselves.

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