Monday, November 14, 2016

The Key

We really need to see this little girl again soon.   Perhaps God will provide that opportunity for this grandmother who lives way too far from all her grandchildren. 

I think all of them have a key to my heart, at least every so often I feel a tug on it, and must believe it is from one or another of them. When I talk to them on the phone or see pictures of them, I feel the pull. It is by far the best thing a lady of my age can experience ...that tug now and then. 

I know many of my friends are being tugged each time they go shopping and see things their grandkids might like. I can't afford to even window shop, for I would end up spending everything I have and be left without a home for them to visit. I certainly understand the temptation to overspend and spoil these little ones.

Thank you, Father for answering prayer. We beg you to bring back freedom to our land and help those who have not learned to live the good life of the freedom, adapt and experience the peace and love it brings.

Bless our President elect. Help us make a smooth transition from the old. Help us all to make our best efforts.

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