Saturday, November 19, 2016

Meet the Farm Cat

I have loved these pictures since I first saw them in September, but now that I'm posting this layout, I notice the exposure is not right on the second one. I didn't receive it that way, I fixed it. Right. I fixed it wrong and have too much light on it. I will need to do it again before I publish the next book. I don't have time to do it now, so I hope you can imagine that is looks right.  OK, I just fixed it. At least it looks better to me.

I am anxious to talk to this little fellow.  He is having so much fun this week and I'm anxious to hear from him and his brother. 

Max Lucado gave some good advice in hie Upwards email today.  

For 20 years I was the senior minister of our church. I was happy to fill the role. But I was happiest preaching and writing. As the church increased in number, so did the staff. That meant more people to manage. And that meant spending more time doing what I didn’t feel called to do. I transitioned from senior minister to teaching minister.
A few people were puzzled. “Don’t you miss being the senior minister?” Translation: Weren’t you demoted? Earlier in my life I might have thought so. But I’ve come to see that God’s definition of a promotion, is a move toward your call. Don’t let someone promote you out of your call. Not every tuba player has the skills to direct the orchestra. If you can, then do. If you can’t, blast away on your tuba with delight!
I like that he says.  I think it is just another way of saying, do what you like. In my book, I think a person needs to do something he  or she feels like he/she  does well. So many people now are shoved through school trying to do what someone else wants them to do, or wanting to do something that pays very well...while all the while, not really liking that area and having trouble. 
There are some who really shouldn't go to college...and I'm saying that as a college graduate. The info they can learn in college will not help them at all in some jobs. They are just wasting time.
Others are trying  to please someone else with something that cannot please him or herself. 
Just think of a person who is trying to excel in art while having no artistic talent. So sad. 
A person's job should be something he/she enjoys doing, not something which makes him or her want to stay in bed in the morning. The money, prestige, etc are not worth the lack of joy.
There are many jobs needing to be done. So make a good choice and be happy in your work.

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