Sunday, November 13, 2016

Sun Rays and the Deer

This is not the best, or most attractive layout I've done, but it does tell a story.

You can tell I took this picture into the sun, and  it came into my car in rays of beauty. The deer is to your upper  left of the circle, where I've placed an enlarged picture of him and  gave him more contrast, so that you can see him better.

On a Thursday, when I returned home after Ladies' class, having lunch with some girlfriends and running some errands, it was a beautiful day for November 10. So I grabbed my dog's lease, because she had been left at home most of the day, and took her for a ride in the state park that is near our home. It is the Portage Lakes State Park and is quite lovely any time.

As I drove into the woods, there appeared in front of me a deer. He started to run away, but stopped and just stared at me as I stared at him. Thankfully Maggie didn't bark; but he saw what he wanted to see, then ran back into the woods.

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