Sunday, November 27, 2016

Can we Turn Back the Clock a Few Days?

I'm very happy with this layout. I adore this picture of Caleb and his baby sister, Julia. He  is a very loving boy. He has been so good to his little brother and now, Julia. It makes me so content when I see all that love in his eyes.

The soft feel of the page fits his gentleness. It is just too sweet.

I am so far behind already this season. I like to get my tree up the day after Thanksgiving and tomorrow will be four days late. I pray we get it up then, because if we don't, we'll have to wait at least two more days, making us about a week past my preferred timing. On top of that, I haven't shopped for family, just for things like Samaritan Purse and other things for the needy. Yes, those things are important, but so are my little grandchildren.  I would like to buy for the whole family, but several of our kids prefer that we buy only for the young children.  I'm praying that I will get some ideas for what to get soon.

Oh, and I am making a few gifts, which are not completed either. Can we put off Christmas a couple of weeks? It surely would take a load off me right now. Or maybe just stop the clock for a few days.

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