Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thankful for Family

It is nice to see Ron sit down for a few minutes without falling asleep because he has been working all day. It has been a very laborious summer for him. Of course he likes it that way and gets very bored in the winter; but sometimes it wears me out just watching him...and cleaning up after him. All right, I didn't have to write that part...but you know. Reality is reality.

I love this man and am thankful that God brought us together; that I married him and have been a mother to his children.

It would be wonderful if we could ever get our whole family together some time; but I am thankful any time one or more can be here. Today has been a great day with April and her husband, Tim here for Thanksgiving. It has been fun for Ron and me.

I was negligent though and have no pictures to show for it. I will consciously try tomorrow to get a few.

In case you missed our president's thanksgiving message, it is here:

I hope you take time to watch it. 

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