Sunday, April 23, 2017

Little Goat Kids

After the family returned from Disney World, they were still up for having fun. An invitation  out
to a friends farm was a winner. They were really excited to visit these little kids.  Babies of all kinds are precious, but little goats are sooooo cute! They bounce around nothing I've seen before. 

On the government front, the great plan we've expected that would actually fix a lot of our ailments as a country, such as building a wall, cutting taxes and getting rid of Obamacare are all still on the burner. I understand congress is to be a body that has opposing views, but somehow comes together to do the best they can. However, Republicans have been the only ones willing to give at all for many, many years now. Democrats seem determined to turn us into a one party dictatorship or throw fits.

I'm praying God will hear our prayers and help us pass some laws that are actually beneficial to our people over our career politicians. 

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