Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Rubik's Cube Mom

This is a story of our daughter, who evidently loves a challenge. Her Rubik's cube champion son, Aussie told her that one of his competitor friends posted that his mother had worked a Rubik's Cube...the regular one...3x3 in something like one minute and 45 seconds. He asked her if she could do that. Well, that was some challenge! She took it. He started teaching her. She started work with notes on the 13th on this month. By the 18th, she had brought her numbers down to one minute and 45 seconds and she no longer needs notes. I think she is probably hooked and will soon be doing even better. She may even try some of Aussie's other cubes.

Congratulations Chelle and Aussie as well!

In the news is something on which I have an opinion...for once I'm not going to give it completely.  O'Reilly has lost his spot on FOX news for something for which he should have been slapped, but he was let go.  I think that was wrong.  However, I truly admire Tucker Carlson who will be taking his place weekdays at 8:00 PM.  While I hardly ever watched O'Reilly, I certainly do not want to miss one day of Tucker...not even one minute! Try it, you may get addicted as have I.

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