Thursday, October 5, 2017

Back in the Saddle

In many ways, Oliver is walking in Caleb's footsteps, now he riding like his big brother. With good balance and self confidence, he looks like a natural.

It's been a jamb packed day, but I've enjoyed every minute of it. First this morning was lady's class, which is very inspiring. Then came lunch with 5 other ladies, of varying political beliefs, enjoying each others company. Next was my generally weekly visit to Sam's Club to pick up some necessities. I impressed myself with picking up two cases ( 28,  20 oz) bottles of water, putting them in my cart, then into my car all on my own strength. That you God for that. Then a stop at Marcs for the oat meal that I can no longer buy at Sam's Club. What is up with that?  Then on home, where I put things away , including the two cases of water, and rested up a bit for dinner. Next, I had a high school friend who now lives in Colorado,  and is in town for a few days come go to dinner with us at Ron's favorite fish restaurant. Once we were home, we had some Amish baked razzleberry pie, as if I needed any more calories today. Then we sat down to watch the movie, Accountant, which had reminded Ron of the Las Vegas gunman. It did seem very similar, so much so, that I'm wondering if it  could have  influenced  the Sunday night shooting.

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