Sunday, October 22, 2017

Golden Sands

Caleb and his family had a very good tour of Bulgaria. Here is Caleb at Golden Sands beach on the Black Sea.  This will appear in my next book. My last one should be delivered the first part of this week...hoping for tomorrow.

While I enjoy working on my books, making layouts of the family, I really  have a busy life and have to fit in my scrapbooking. 

We attended an excellent church service this morning at our home church and had a good lunch afterwards. I even spent a little time with my Physical Therapy exercises...and even took a nap. Yet, 
I have been working on layouts a very big part of the day. If I could do that every day, it wouldn't be long until another book would go to press.

I started working on a new book a few days ago. So far I have 35 layouts started. It takes me time just to round up all the pictures I want to use. Of course I want to use practically all the ones I get. It is really hard for me to narrow it down. I especially like my grandchildren and so all their pictures are worthy of a layout.

I love to follow their lives through the pictures, since I don't get to visit personally with them often enough.

I pray that God will protect each one and that they will grow close to Him, so they will be spared a lot of troubles in this life.

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