Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Thank God for Children

April and Kim came to see us. April also brought her granddaughter, Ryan.  You can see here what a cutie  she is. We had a good visit and of course shot a few pictures. Glad we did, she is very photogenic. 

It has been hard to watch TV lately, since I just like the news. As you all know, it has been the same story told over and over. It is not one I want to be my primary thought for the day...and especially not the whole week.  

I know it happened. I lament that it happened. I am praying for all involved in any way. It was just plain evil and I pray nothing like that happens again. Too much bad news! 

It all started with the hurricane hitting Texas just five days  before these pictures of Ryan were taken. There have been three BIG hurricanes, earthquakes, and fires. Now this.  If it isn't the last days, it at least feels like it could be.

These facts make it even more pleasant to watch the children, who are...or should be care free and to stay at my computer making layouts for hours on end.

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