Friday, October 6, 2017

Take Me to the Mountains

When I was three years old my family moved here from a little town near Charleston, WV.  Then 70 years later, our daughter, April chose to move to another small town near Charleston.  It seems the mountains were calling her and her husband. She has really taken it on well. Right now, they are in a long process of building on to their house.  It will be first class when completed. The view of the river and mountains is beautiful. 

She has changed her lifestyle to fit the location and she loves it and all the hard work that  goes along with it. It was fun to see what she has done so far and we're anxious to see the completion.

There was a big reunion of their family the first weekend of September and we were invited to join the fun.

Here, our granddaughter Lauren (April's daughter)  carries both of her nieces! Lauren is used to lifting weights, so it was a breeze for her.

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