Friday, October 27, 2017


This layout looked just fine in Photoshop, but it is very blurry now. I don't know if the picture is as blurry as it seems to me right now, or if my eyes are ready for some strong glasses.

This was not the highlight of my day, but it was quite fun. We had a Halloween party at Curves today. so along with exercise, we  had some nice snacks and dressed up a bit. Eileen here had a super witch costume and I found out something about her daughter that I hadn't known. She told us her daughter acts with a company in the area that puts on short  plays to entertain groups. Eileen said the costume was one that belonged to her.

It could have been a case of comparison here. She really came through with a real costume while I panicked at the last minute when I remembered I was to have a costume today. I ran to the basement where I store this and that to get an idea. Thankfully, I saw the fall leaves and decided they could not only be used for decorations around the house, but also to turn me into a tree. I had just the outfit to go with them...plain dark brown pants and a long sleeve shirt. Although our trees were late in turning and have most of their beautifully colored leaves right not, I know it is just a matter of days, until they will all fall off, so I didn't need many leaves.

Now to the highlight. We went to hear a family group of singers, called Westward Road at a local church this evening. They were quite good and we enjoyed the evening with the Vaneks, who had also been invited.

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