Saturday, October 7, 2017

Harvest of Squash

This is Julia's first year at farm school...and she is diving right in. Here she is with the other little ones, checking out the farm ripened squash.

Oh, how I would like to live on a farm this time of year, when I imagine the hardest part of the work is done and it is harvest time. 

Everything tastes so much better when it is allowed to ripen on the vine, the stalk, or on the tree. Those of us who live in the city eat fruit, for example, that may travel thousands of miles to our homes. They are picked before they ripen and supposedly get ripe on the way. But anyone who has ever tasted tree ripened fruit, is terribly disappointed in the tastelessness of this fruit, for which we often pay high prices. I haven't had a good peach this year. We are always advised to let them set for a couple of days before eating. Well it usually softens a little before it turns grainy or mushy, but there is never any juiciness or scrumptious taste. I was taught how to tell if it was ripe. It won't help to know, if you are never going to find any. 

That is another thing I'm looking forward to in heaven...GREAT TASTY AND JUICY FRUIT.

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