Sunday, November 7, 2010

Autumn Colors

Autumn colors are fading and falling from the trees, They are piling up in our yards, hiding our driveways. Ron has been doing a lot of leaf gathering this last week. Yet, the trees still seem full of leaves. Mostly brown ones are left now, the oak leaves hang on the longest...some seem to stay forever before being beaten to the ground by wind and rain.

I like to think of the trees in all their splendor however, so I've brought out a couple of layouts from October 13 in Ohio and October 17 in North Carolina. I always hate to leave here in the fall, but when I do, I prefer to go somewhere in blazing color.

We live on a very small peninsula, water on three sides. The first layout features the boats at docks across the street. The leaves are glorious shades of fall. After snapping this photo, we left the next day for NC. The second layout shows very similar colors in NC. and our daughter Kim posing with her dad by a split rail fence on the mountain.

I think we've seen it all for this year. Now we are looking forward to white blankets of snow. It can't be long. We've been threatened with it and neighbors to the north of us in Hudson have awakened to a covering on shrubs, trees and grass already. It's a little too early for me, but God is in control and He knows best.

I haven't made a political comment here in the last few days. It is because I'm completely on overload. I'm sure that is what the enemy wants of us, but I'm just trying to let all the latest information I've gotten run around in my mind a while. Was hoping to take a rest after the election, but they've switched strategy on the other side and are pushing ahead full speed. I'll be investigating and reporting later.

Sleep tight. Tomorrow begins a fresh, new week.

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