Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Soros Targets US Currency

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George Soros has collapsed four currencies, those of Czechoslovakia, Malaysia, Thailand and the Bank of England. He has targeted the United States. To him it is a game, and we've been playing along. It's time to stand up to this disgusting man who considers himself a god. Check it out. He has written three books. There is multitudinous information about him. After all he is one of the very richest men in the world. Learn how he got so rich. He claimed he made a billion dollars breaking the Bank of England. Other estimates out there say up to 2 billion.

He claims to be a philanthropist, but he is breaking banks on the backs of the human beings.

Check this out for yourselves at and Everything they have published is footnoted.

Pray for Glenn. He has been made an offer by Soros's representative that he 'couldn't refuse', yet he did refuse.

We are to love our enemies, but we don't have to like what they do. Even though Soros is an atheist, I pray that he will see and feel the sorrow he has brought to his fellow man, turn his heart toward God, repent and be saved.

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