Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sweet Day Out

Ron and I joined some of our friends on a day trip down to Amish country where we ate lunch in an Amish home. This was on October 1 and if you follow the blog very closely, you've seen another layout from that day's trip. It was the one of the group at P. Graham Dunn. I'm also working on another one from there.

On the way down, we stopped at the Smucker's store in Orrville. It is so easy to purchase too much when you have the chance to taste everything before you buy. It is so tempting. We picked up some unusual spreads that I hadn't seen before in our grocery. They were very tasty.

I suppose we can order next time online; but it may be more fun to just get together a group of friends and run down to Orrville. There is always plenty to see down that way.

With our administration's planned devaluation of our money, I wish I lived in Amish country where they provide for their own needs without counting on the outside world. I have verbalized this to my husband, and was told I'd not make it more than a week because they work so hard. I hate to think I couldn't keep up with them; but he is probably right. We have become so spoiled by good times, that it would be very difficult to live without our modern day conveniences, many of which depend on electricity. But if I didn't have electricity, be it because I couldn't afford it or because it was rationed, I would rather live among people who knew how to get along without it than where I do now.

Please God, save our Christian nation from it's foes.

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